Achieving Big Natural Hair Results with a Blow Dryer

Q: You always say you have fine hair but it seems so big and fluffy! How do you get it like that?

A:By now y’all know I’m a “big hair girl.” I want “block your view,” “disrespect your personal space” big hair. But sadly, I wasn’t blessed with those genes. I have very fine strands with moderate density, but I’ve learned techniques to create one heck of an optical illusion. To achieve the voluminous look in the picture above, I have to start with stretched hair. It can be stretched from a previous roller set, twist or braid-out or even a bun. But since I was in a crunch, I used the Tension Blow Dry Method.

How To Tension Blow Dry:

1. Blot excess moisture and allow hair to air dry for 15 minutes prior to starting. Blow drying wet hair can lead to loss of elasticity and in the long run, breakage.

2. Keep the heat setting as low as possible and hold the nozzle a few inches away from the hair. Remember to use a heat protectant!

3. Section hair as you normally would and work with one small section at a time. Grab a section of detangled, damp and moisturized hair and gently pull it straight with one hand while blasting the roots with warm air in a downward angle. It gently stretches the hair without the manipulation of a comb or brush.

The result for me, is a stretched out, frizzy looking wash & go. Next, I section my hair again, starting at the nape, and apply my styler of choice, flat twist the root and two-strand twist the length. I usually create 8-15 twists… the fewer twists, the larger and more voluminous the results. I let it air dry completely and then rake my fingers through the definition to give the illusion of more hair and there you have it. Unfortunately, this style only lasts for two days before I have to re-twist. But luckily, I can go two weeks without having to wash and start anew. It’s a great option for those that are short on time and want to maximize and show off their hard-earned length and volume.

The products I used for the above results:

  • Davines Shelter Leave-in (for moisturizer and heat protectant)
  • TIGI Totally Baked Merigue + Davines Beautifying Potion to style

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