Purpose of the Pre-poo


Q: What in the world is a ‘pre-poo’ and why are they so popular?

A: The cleansing process, while necessary, can be stressful on our delicate strands. Shampoo can strip hair of vital oils and leave strands rough and all the more tangly. A pre-poo is a treatment applied prior to shampooing that consists of oils and/or conditioners. It is usually performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the drying shampoo process. Pre-poo treatments greatly reduce hygral fatigue — the expanding and contracting of hair as water enters and exits — and help maintain the structural integrity of the cuticle and cortex. Pre-pooing also makes hair easier to detangle, which results in less breakage when it’s combed.

I do my best to always make time for a pre-poo treatment. Prior to getting in the shower, I gently finger-detangle my dry hair, and in sections, thoroughly apply a conditioner/oil mix. I use whatever I have on hand, usually Jessicurl Too Shea, and mix in Jojoba oil and a dollop of honey. I don a plastic cap and go about my business (no heat source… just my own body heat). I leave it in for 15-30 minutes prior to hopping in the shower for my regular routine. I’m talking soft, moisturized, easily detangled hair every time! Give it a try and thank me later.

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