Trimming Ends


Q: Nikki, your ends look very healthy. How often do you get trims?

A: I know I’m overdue for a trim when detangling becomes more difficult than usual, and when I too easily run across split ends. So once every two months, I do what I call dusting or micro-trimming after my hair has been twisted. I survey the ends of each twist, and snip off the last 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch. This keeps my ends neat and detangling sessions short, while maintaining maximum length.  I trim more depending on the state of my ends and how long it’s been since the last trim.

In between dusting sessions, “search and destroy” missions keep my ends sharp. I conduct “search and destroys” whenever I happen to grab a curl and can see more than a split end or two without straining. I do this while sitting in front of the TV, standing in the bathroom mirror, or even while on the internet. The lighting in all three situations is perfect! After snipping a few, I become anal and my sessions can last more than an hour. I cut just above the split or jagged end and apply moisturizer and oil as I go. After I finish, I’m usually on my way to re-style because it leaves me with a frizzy, undefined mess.

Be sure to only use hair scissors when trimming. This is VERY important! I purchase my scissors from Walmart, Sally’s or Ulta and they usually run me between $10 and $20. I hide them from my husband and only use them for hair to keep them sharp. Dull scissors will do more harm than good!

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