Staying Encouraged Without A Supportive Environment

Q: What would you say to a woman who wants to go natural but does not receive support from those around her?

A: It’s hard enough mentally transitioning on your own, let alone dealing with the hang ups of those around you. Most transitioners and new naturals take solace in the natural hair community online. For many folks, especially initially, it’s their only support and safe haven. Beyond joining and participating in natural hair forums such as, I encourage you to take the following steps:

1. Take less stock in other people’s opinions. That includes snide remarks and compliments. It should be YOUR thoughts and feelings that really matter. After all, it’s your head!

2. Practice positive self-talk. Do your best to push the negative, self-defeating and destructive thoughts from your mind.

3. Vent. Vent on the forums, in the comment section of your favorite blog, even to real life curlies at the next natural hair meet-up. You’ll be surprised that you’re not the only one dealing with discouraging remarks. Sometimes, just the act of talking it out and getting these feelings off your chest can be very cathartic!

4. Don’t forget. Remember your reasons for going natural in the first place. Keep your focus and look neither to the right nor the left. You’ll be surprised when you do look up, that many of the naysayers will be the main ones looking to you for advice and guidance on going natural.

5. Strut like a peacock. Educate yourself on natural hair, experiment with styles and products and lock in on a reliable routine. Your confidence will shine through and shut down any haters that were trying to play to your insecurities.

Hope this helps! How do you shut down the haters?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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