Better Than Good Launch! $10 SheaMoisture Coupons!


Hey Ladies! I’ve teamed up with SheaMoisture to bring you another great giveaway in anticipation for the Better Than Good Hair release on January 29th! So consider this a heads up!

The beauty is in its simplicity:

1. You buy a print copy of BTGH between January 29 and Feb 2 (before 10 pm EST)
2. SheaMoisture gives you a $10 coupon.

Thats it. No catches, no gimmicks, no contest. You’ve just got to act while supplies last ‘cause chiiiiiiiild if half of you out there are as big of a product junkie as you say you are, these coupons won’t last! #HurrUp

The best part? The book is $10, the coupon is $10, so it’s like stealing from me! If you already bought the book don’t be mad, just grab another copy – ‘cause you KNOW you were heading here any way!

Check back first thing Tuesday morning (1/29) for registration deets! Don’t miss out!

*in my Morgan Freeman voice* While supplies last. Void where prohibited. This offer not valid to haters. Action figures sold separately, lol.  Lastly, wanna chat it up?  Sweet.  Simply forward your proof of purchase (dated Jan 29- Jan 31 before 10pm EST) to me and we’ll schedule a 30 minute Skype session and gab about your hair regimen, blogging goals, life, ScandalHousewives… whatever!  Send me an email with your proof of purchase to and we’ll get it popping!

27 responses to “Better Than Good Launch! $10 SheaMoisture Coupons!

  1. I am so very happy to see that you have written a book. I’ve been following your blog/website for a few years. It was refreshing and encouraging to see that many of the methods I’ve been doing for years are shared by others. Congratulations on the book.

  2. pre-ordered my book, and bragged about it on FB which in turn made a few of my friends pre-order too! we are going to read and learn together!

  3. Preordered my book. Excited to share with my 17 year old daughter who will be 18 on Monday, Dec 17th. She’s FINALLY embraced going natural and our hair textures are so different. It would be good for her to educate herself with this book.

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  5. IM ABOUT TO DO THE NATURAL THING. ITS JUST THAT I GOT A BIG FORE HEAD AND I HAVE TO DO THE CHOP SO IM LOOK VERY Bald head And I’m scared so what can I do to style my hair Nice I don’t know what to Should I wear wigs. Until it like grow out please let me known 🙂

    • Just pre-ordered too! I’m a newbie as well and feel quite lost, so hope it helps! I big chopped on the day you wrote that lol! 8th of January!

  6. I have had curly hair, all my life. I use to say, I hate my hair. People would say, girl, you should be greatful you have, good hair. I have two left hands when it comes to hair. But, I will definitely buy the book.

  7. I just ordered my print copy on I’m so excited and can’t wait to start reading!
    Thank you Nikki.

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