The Big Chop

A peek inside the book, ‘Better Than Good Hair’

Many women begin their natural hair journey with the ‘Big Chop’, or the act of cutting off the relaxed or process ends in one fell swoop.  The moment of the BC is exhilarating and scary and the resulting Teeny Weeny Afro can elicit quite surprising and often unwarranted reactions and responses from family and friends.

This section discusses-

  • Ways to determine if the Big Chop is for you, or if you should opt for a slower transition
  • Tips for easy transitioning
  • Developing a transition routine
  • Natural Hair and the Workplace
  • How to find the right barber or stylist for the job
  • How to cope with the haters
  • Practical and psychological tips for coping with your new look

and much, much more!