The Terrible Twos

A peek inside the book, ‘Better Than Good Hair’

Section Three: THE TERRIBLE TWOS: Standing by your hair – even when it’s acting a fool
Many curlies experience a two-year itch. Our hair reaches a certain length: not short enough to wear as a cute TWA, but not long to employ any of the longer styles. On top of that, we start to get bored with our hair. This is the point when many naturals opt to either big chop again, grow locks, or go back to relaxers. This section is designed to reinspire two-year-curlies and keep them on their natural path.

This section includes:
Anecdotes from community members about getting past the two-year itch
• Tips for dealing with and embracing awkward hair length
• Nighttime Maintenance tips
• Medium-Length hairstyles for work, play, everything in between – complete with instructions.
• Gallery of medium-length hairstyles with inspirational quotes.

and much, much more!