Taking Care of Natural Kids’ Hair

Q: What products and tips would you recommend for taking care of my daughter’s natural hair?

A: Since my little Boogie wails and screams her way through wash day, we’ve limited the carnage to twice a month. In between washes, I use a spray bottle and its heavenly contents to keep her curls detangled, soft and moisturized. I noticed that plain water seemed to do more harm than good, and honestly, it’s hard to find the time to whip up our own ish. That being said, Blended Beauty’s Kick for Curls ($16) has changed our lives on some real levels.  I’ve tried hella detanglers and nothing compares to the slip, moisture and softening capabilities of this magical spritz.  It smells of sweet vanilla and cocoa and leaves her hair noticeably softer and detangled for three days before I have to re-apply.  I can use it alone to re-braid or re-puff her hair, or underneath their Happy Nappy Styles ($21), Curl Junkie’s Smoothing Lotion ($20) or Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($10) for the days I want to really look like a “good mom.”  I have to constantly remind myself that the state of my child’s hair is not a visual representation of my mothering abilities.  Kids will be kids and Boog is a wild child… she turns cute little braids (which take me forever to do ’cause I’m terrible and she’s a squirmer) into puff balls in like 10 minutes flat.  Most days, I simply let it do what it do.  

Here’s the bottom line for new moms when it comes to your daughter’s hair:

1. Keep it simple. Your toddler’s hair shouldn’t be the source of stress for either of you.

2. Employ protective styles, reserving fros and puffs for special occasions.

3. Do her hair while she’s in the tub distracted by her toys, in the high chair distracted by food, or in front of the TV distracted by Dora.

4. Patience, my dear. Always practice patience.

5. Gush about her super-gorgeous, curly hair, let her pick out her favorite barrettes and engage her in the hairstyling ritual.  You’re building memories that will last a lifetime!

One response to “Taking Care of Natural Kids’ Hair

  1. My grand daughter hair is very dry in the back of her head, it will not grow like the rest of her hair. What can I do?

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